Luxusní postele LUXURY SLEEPING


The fact that luxury beds in our showroom fully respect the motto “Comfort above all else” is among others proved by the option to equip the bed with an adjusting system with wireless remote control.

Perfectly ergonomic beds (either KUPERUS or PULLMAN) always adapt to the human body, not vice versa.   



Luxurious indulgence of rest

The bed is not used for sleeping only. Do you have any other ideas? We have ... like reading, watching TV, using a tablet or a laptop for work or just fun, have breakfast brought to bed from time to time? Then you will surely appreciate the unique comfort our beds offer: advanced positioning, including specialities when you can change your bed into a chair.

Boxsprings of all beds may be equipped with an incorporated and absolutely quiet adjustable system that is remote-controlled. Advanced positioning enables independent and precious adjustment of particular body parts. Virtually silent engine operation will ensure selection of the right position for your comfort resting for any activity. You can select from several types of the adjustable system, including the most advanced system called “Slide Back” which turns the bed into a chair. This all is possible with only one button push on your remote control. You can independently position several parts of your legs, i.e. thigh or calf parts. An independent neck support that may be controlled upon your wish goes without saying. The mattress may be fitted with a massage system, so you may enjoy a gentle massage in a selected position. The above mentioned systems can change quality and comfortable beds into working or relaxing zones just by pushing a single button.



The advantage of our adjustable systems in comparison to systems of other manufacturers lies in the fact that you need not compromise between healthy and quality sleep and the possibility to adjust the position of your bed. Kuperus manufacturers adjustable systems with keeping genuine boxsprings even in case of the adjustable version. Other manufacturers replace boxsprings in their adjustable versions with flat boards. Our adjustable boxsprings are thoroughly upholstered also on the inside so the bed looks perfect even during positioning. Thus, in our shop you know that you will get healthy sleep also in combination with the adjustable system. Another advantage is the option to have only one half of the bed adjustable and the other half may be fixed, i.e. not adjustable. Should you have different wishes for functionality of your bed, you need not compromise in our shop.

Plus, you can have our systems without the necessity to change all your existing bed, which is another advantage. We can easily arrange for production of an adjustable boxspring for your bed frame. So you will have your favourite bed and sleep healthily and comfortably thanks to our adjustable boxspring.



KUPERUS special adjustable beds may be used for home care of bedridden persons but thanks to its elegant design you may harmonize it with the interior of your home. This is a huge advantage eliminating the necessity to create hospital environment in your home due to the technical looks of medical adjustable beds. A special system enables to position not only individual body parts but also change the height of the bed corresponding with needs of the care-giving person. So the bed will become an invaluable tool for example during eating, re-bandaging or any other treatment of a person with limited mobility.  



Traditional manufacturer of manuály, custom-made high continental beds, adjustable beds and mattresses. Made with the finest  natural materials for 100 years and awarded by the Dutch Royal Family the beds guarantee a superb night's sleept that will leave you feeling well rested, fresh and full of energy for the day.

Kuperus mattresses are manufactured individually based on the cusotmer´ requirements as it goes to hardness of the mattress. Incorporated massage system could be applied directly in your mattress. Your luxurious mattress provides you with a massage every day at your home.

Traditional manufacturer of high continental beds, adjustable beds, upholstered beds and mattresses. The beds use the latest technologies and come with a, unique spring system Inside Pocket Spring, modern adjustable systems and accessories – a guarantee of a healthy night's sleep and rest.

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